Alongsiders International is pleased to announce the appointment of up and coming young Cambodian artist, Bou Puthida, to a key position within our Comic book Curriculum Development team.

Sketch by Bou Puthida

Sketch by Bou Puthida

A graduate of Yamada School of Art, Puthida specializes in manga (Japanese style comics). Her award-winning work has been recognized by the Japanese Government.

Puthida's established talent as a sketch artist and her growing skills in computer-based design and animation are an amazing fit for this team and the comic-book curriculum they produce. 

Puthida also brings her strong faith and love for children to this role. She previously worked closely with children at Hope International School and can speak three languages: Khmer, English and Japanese.

We welcome Puthida to the team this week and look forward to her contribution to the wider movement for vulnerable children.

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