"I am privileged to endorse and strongly recommend the Alongsiders movement as one of the most creative and authentically relationship based approaches to building the next generation of leaders from the margins.”

CB Samuel (India) - Bible Teacher, Former CEO, EFICOR

“We are really excited about this vital and strategic ministry [Alongsiders] and hope to support it with Special Projects.”

George Verwer (USA/UK) - Founder, Operation Mobilization



“The emphasis of Alongsiders on personal discipleship, is so refreshing in its simplicity, empowering young men and women to walk alongside and stand together with younger children...”

Dr. Melba Maggay (Philippines) - President, Micah Network

“The Alongsiders concept is simple but profoundly life-changing - for both parties. Join the movement!”

Dr. Viv Grigg (NZ) - International Director, Urban Leadership Foundation



“A powerful way of positively influencing and changing the lives of the most vulnerable children. Alongsiders is a long term sustainable project that can and is being replicated around the globe.”

Dr. Glenn Miles (UK) - Founder, Celebrating Children, Child protection expert and author

“The Alongsiders movement is a powerful discipleship strategy… a strong encouragement to ministry practitioners everywhere who are called to holistic mission and discipleship of children and youth.”

Dr. Menchit Wong (Philippines) - Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, Lausanne Movement



“The people, the challenge, the leadership, the humility, and all the goodness coming from the Alongsiders is actually transformative! I celebrate their work and gladly endorse their efforts moving forward.”

Carlos A. Rodríguez (Puerto Rico) - Pastor, Author, Speaker, Founder of Happy Sonship

“As they mentor vulnerable children in their communities, Alongsiders are making a difference in the fight against exploitation and trafficking."

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag (Sweden) - Global Human Trafficking Task Force, World Evangelical Alliance



"I truly believe that the potential of the Alongsiders movement is limitless. It is a reminder to me that God is at work in the world."

Nigel Paul (Canada) - Founder & International Director, MoveIn

"Alongsiders is one of the most effective approaches to building awareness, skills and resilience in ‘children at risk’ that I have come across anywhere in the world. I cannot commend more highly the quality and outcomes of this program."

Fuzz Kitto (Australia) - National CoDirector, Stop the Traffik



“Young people discipling kids is such an obvious win win, the only mystery is why aren’t we doing it more! My hope and prayer is that Alongsiders, in all its simplicity and profundity, will be the catalyst for a global movement of young disciplers.”

Colin Piper (UK) - Converge Global Youth Movement, World Evangelical Alliance

"I’m a fan. Alongsiders is a game changer. Grown from the ground up, infused with kingdom vision, stewarded by seasoned justice advocates, and led by youth, alongsiders models what transformational change looks like from the inside out! You may call it upside down but to me it looks rightside up!"

Danielle Strickland (Canada) - Founder, The Brave Campaign



"Alongsiders are changing one life at a time as they come alongside orphans in Cambodia and around the world, showing children so close to Jesus’ heart that they are beloved daughters and sons of God. I am in awe of this beautiful, life-altering ministry!”

Ken Shigematsu - Pastor Tenth Church, Vancouver, BC and author of Survival Guide for the Soul