Children in an Indonesian slum.

Children in an Indonesian slum.

In the past month, we have signed partnership agreements for two of the largest countries in Asia: Indonesia and India - representing hundreds of millions of vulnerable children that need love, mentoring, discipleship and encouragement.

Our strategy is to partner with large church networks in each country, so that the movement is "owned" and run by local Christian leaders. 

So, rather than coming in as a foreign NGO, setting up administrative offices, hiring administrative staff and building an infrastructure from ground up, - we partner and we come in under local leadership.

This is pretty core to our strategy.

You see, it takes a spider to repair its own web.

And it is going to take local Christians to transform these nations.

Our role is to walk alongside those who walk alongside.

Join us in praying for these movements as we begin to lay the foundations to equip one generation to reach the next.



[Photo credit: Christin Gilbert]