How did an international movement come to be headquartered, not in New York, Sydney, Geneva or London - but on a dusty backstreet in the heart of Asia?

Today's non-profits need to know where their most important resource base is located. And for the majority of non-profits, their resource base is primarily financial.

If you want to dig more wells or build more orphanages, you need money, lots of it. Fundraising becomes a major focus. Boards get stacked with the wealthy and connected. And building a headquarters near Western donors simply makes sense.

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But what if your most important resource wasn't money, but the young Christians of the developing world? And what if, rather than using money to motivate them - you appealed to their compassion and concern for their own people? Suddenly money becomes a secondary concern and people come first.

Where would you build a base?

Would you not build a headquarters in a place where leadership decisions could be made in the midst of the action? Would you not build a headquarters in the middle of a continent bursting with energy and passion?

Would you not, as Jesus did, leave behind comfort and go to the people - pitch a tent in their midst, and raise up a movement?