What might it mean that the All-Powerful God chose to become the All-Vulnerable God?

Jesus - a tiny child, born on the margins of society, in a stinking wooden shack, populated by animals, became a refugee, fleeing for his life from an unjust leader.

Jesus - chose to be born in solidarity with the most vulnerable amongst us, children on the edges, fighting for their lives.

This is the Jesus we serve and the one we follow. This is the Jesus who said whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me. Or in other words, whenever you walk alongside the least of these, you walk alongside me.

Across the developing world, vulnerable children will face Christmas day as a day like any other. A day where they live on the edges of society - in slums and rural villages, because there is no room for them in the booming economies of the affluent cities.

As we celebrate the unusual birth of Jesus, let's be challenged again by the surprising nature of who he identified with. Let's welcome those who stand alone, into our Christmas celebrations, into our homes and into our families.