Each year we select a small number of interns: inquisitive, creative and fun-loving people to join the team at our head office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These interns bring their skills, knowledge and experience to help in our work amongst the poorest of the poor in Asia and Africa. This is an urban setting with all the good things (and challenges) that come with a developing city.

And - good news!  We're now accepting applications for internships at Shalom Valley Camp in the coastal town of Kep, Cambodia. In 2019, these internships will be focussed on activities related to our children’s adventure camp: construction, interior design, outdoor education, horticulture, environment, video production or landscaping work. This is a rural setting with easy access to the beach and mountains.

Our interns find that as they experience living and working in a new culture, engaging daily with issues of poverty and with children at risk, they gain a depth of understanding that could never be learned in a classroom.

Internships are normally a minimum of 3-6 months. So, if you're interested, check out this video then go through the details below the video and hit us up via the application form: 

Who should apply?

We are looking for applicants who have a spiritual and emotional maturity allowing them to face difficulties and learn from the experience. In part, this means we generally do not accept interns younger than 20 or those who have not traveled overseas before. In addition we are seeking people who:

1. Have a heart for the poor and those suffering injustice, and are seeking to demonstrate that in the way they live their life 'at home'.
2. Have a commitment to Christian community, and are seeking to demonstrate that in the way they live their life.
3. Are seeking to be actively involved in justice/mission/ministry in their own country.
4. Are flexible, self-motivated, self-starters who will be able to survive (flourish!) by using initiative and courage in simple living conditions and a new culture.

Helpful skills

Interns with the following skills are especially encouraged to apply:

* video, photography and film editing
* social media, blogging, creative writing
* community development and research
* camp construction, horticulture or landscaping (in Kep)

As part of the application process we will discuss with you what you may best contribute to the Alongsiders movement. To do this we will want to know about your skills, passions and past experiences - as well as your hopes and dreams for the future, so we can create a role that serves the movement and taps into your own sense of calling (of course there will also be certain tasks that are hard or that you don’t enjoy). You will need to be a self starter, take initiative and learn to follow through without anyone to hold your hand.


Usually interns will be with us for 3-12 months and these can be scheduled anytime during the year. Contact us for more info. Final travel arrangements can be made after acceptance.


As part of the internship, Alongsiders will assist in finding simple accommodation in Phnom Penh or Kep (for camp related internships). Often, interns will live with a Khmer host family in an urban poor community for the duration of internship. Other accommodation is available for short breaks from this community or in cases where housing needs are different.


Interns are responsible for covering their own expenses including flights, insurance, travel, etc.

The internship cost is $500 per month, which includes room and board (includes breakfast, lunch at the office (Mon/Wed/Fri) and evening meals during the week). You should also budget about $200-$300 per month for other expenses (eg. language study, transportation, phone, weekend meals & snacks, coffee, personal items etc.)


Make sure you arrange appropriate medical insurance, which must include medical evacuation. The following is a list of recommended vaccinations. It is only a guide and we strongly advise you that you consult your medical professional to ensure the appropriate vaccinations for your trip to Cambodia.
* The compulsory ones for Asia are: Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Rabies.
* Hepatitis B and Japanese B Encephalitis are needed if you will be staying longer than one month.
* Cholera and Tuberculosis are optional because they may not be very effective.

Also check that you have all your childhood vaccinations up to date, especially Polio, Tetanus, Diptheria & Measles/Mumps/Rubella (normally administered together). Malaria is not an issue in Phnom Penh but bring a strong mosquito repellent to avoid catching any mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever. If finances are tight, we recommend you get your vaccinations on arrival in Phnom Penh. It is much cheaper (and completely safe) here.


The outcomes of your time as an intern with us depend a lot on your own posture of learning and engagement. To prepare for joining us, we will ask you to complete the first 5 modules of our Online Leadership Academy, as well as read a handful of articles and a couple of books to help you consider the history and context of the place you will be immersed in. Come to learn and be impacted by what God is doing among the poor and this will be a life-changing experience. During your internship, you will meet regularly with a mentor to assist in your adapting, learning and debrief.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at the Alongsiders International headquarters in Cambodia (or Shalom Valley camp in Kep, Cambodia) please complete the Application form below. We will send you the full internship pack for further discussion. 

If our initial discussions are promising, you will also need to complete this Medical Form, so we understand your health needs. Medical issues may not disqualify you, but we do need to know and plan for any challenges you might face.