Finally, this video is not produced by Alongsiders and is aimed at business people. However, it is interesting to understand the 6 scientifically proven factors that affect our brains and lead to people making a decision one way or another. There are some useful lessons for communicating with pastors and young people here, even if not everything is applicable or appropriate for our context. Watch and then read the notes underneath to help you connect the ideas to Alongsiders.

In the video above, there are 6 key factors which lead people to make a positive decision. For us, the most important principle is to be led first and foremost by the Holy Spirit. But sometimes we need to get past people's indifference so they will open to listening what God might be saying. Here is a list of the 6 factors as well as some brief notes on how we might tap into those factors as we communicate the vision of Alongsiders:

1.     Reciprocity - pastors will be more likely to be open to partnership when they have seen that we are already serving and helping them in other ways. So start with churches you have a relationship with. 

2.     Scarcity - without a sense of urgency, pastors and young people may be slow to commit. People naturally procrastinate, and delay decision-making. Create deadlines (eg. an upcoming camp) to show why they should commit now. 

3.     Authority - ask pastors who know you, or have Alongsiders in their church already, to introduce you to other pastors. This will give you more credibility when approaching new churches. 

4.     Consistency - as you build a relationship with pastors, show how Alongsiders is consistent with the vision and mission of their church - the things they are already committed to, such as discipleship. This may be more persuasive than introducing something new that they have not shown a commitment to in the past (such as reaching poor children). 

5.     Liking - build a strong relationship with pastors and leaders based on common interests and connections. 

6.     Consensus - this may be the most powerful one of all. Pastors are influenced by what God is already doing in other churches. Be sure to tell them about other churches that have already adopted Alongsiders.

Are these factors helpful for your communications with pastors and young people? Which one could you implement immediately to help in your communication efforts? Write your thoughts in the comments section below.