In this first module you will learn all about the vision of Alongsiders from the founder, Craig Greenfield. Here is our vision statement. Try to memorize it if you can:

"To mobilize and equip young Christians to walk alongside those who walk alone: vulnerable children in their own communities."

You'll also be inspired to learn about the amazing impact in the lives of children when they have an Alongsider. These results are detailed in our research which you can read here.

Watch the video as many times as you need. You can turn on subtitles for different languages in the bottom right corner. Take notes, and then answer the questions below.


Now that you have watched the video, think about how Jesus chose to come into this world - not as a king, rich man, or powerful priest - but as a vulnerable child. This was no accident. It was part of God's plan. The ways of God are different from the ways of the world. God delights in vulnerability and loves to use those who are seen as weak and small.

As a child Jesus became a refugee to Egypt (Mt 2:13-15). So, the most powerful God of the universe identified Himself with vulnerable children. How much more should we also follow His lead in identifying with the small and the vulnerable?

Read the powerful statement that Jesus makes about the importance of children in Matthew 18:5:

"And anyone who welcomes a little child in my name welcomes me."

Do we see this emphasis in our churches? Do we see children being welcomed and given an important place in our lives? Think and pray about why Jesus considers it so important to welcome children.

Jesus said, "Anyone who welcomes a little child..." - what does it mean when we fail to welcome children? Do we also fail to welcome Jesus into our lives and churches?


What percentage of little brothers/sisters joined the local church in Cambodia? *


Finally, watch the story of Karuna, a little sister who became an Alongsider, and write a comment underneath about what you found inspiring or interesting about this story and this module..