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The deepest need of any human being is the need to be loved. Across the world today, there are millions of vulnerable children who are isolated, neglected, discouraged and discarded. Mother Teresa once said -

“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is truly the most terrible poverty.”

The Alongsiders movement is now active in 13 countries across Asia and Africa. In the past 5 years, over 5000 youth have been reached. Flip Flop Sunday is an opportunity for you to walk alongside vulnerable children around the world in three easy steps:

Step One

On Orphans Sunday (11 November), commit to celebrating Christian youth around the world who walk alongside vulnerable kids in their own communities by wearing your favourite pair of flip flops (sandals, slippers, thongs, jandals).

Step TWO

2) Take a pic of your flip flops and share your support on social media using #I’mwalkingalongside

Step three

Consider becoming an Alongsiders Starter Kit sponsor to give vulnerable children a new hope and future.



$30 per month

= 1 Starter Kit

Your $30 sponsorship will provide one Starter Kit each month to equip 5 new youth to walk alongside 5 new vulnerable kids. That’s 60 new vulnerable kids your sponsorship will reach in one year!

Each Starter Kit includes: comics, discipleship training manuals, codes for the School of Destiny mobile app, stickers and a wristband to get Alongsiders mentors started in their journey of discipleship.

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